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Make jack-o'-lanterns out of the pumpkins for these wacky witches!

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The full moon rises and shines an eerie light on the old house that harbors ghostly guests!

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Strange happenings in the middle of the night!

Scarecrows come alive in the Halloween fog and visit the graveyard!

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Beginnings of Halloween!

Halloween has many religious and cultural beginnings.
Some churches claim Halloween is a trilogy of celebrations, dating Allhallowtide to the first millennium.
Allhallowtide  completed the Triduum of Death: All Hallows Eve, All Hallows and All Souls.

Three witches cackle and caw over a bubbling brew!
What strange ingredients will they plop into their cauldron?

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All Hallows Eve!

It was believed that on All Hallows Eve, the portal of communication with the afterlife was more accessible than other times of the year, despite many religions that reject this notion.

Townsfolk would dawn masks to hide their identity during the solemn, hoping their disguise would thwart the evil spirits who would otherwise spook them in the physical realm.


Old dead trees moan and groan, a warning to the weary traveler.
Do not pass!

Candy Corn is a Fall tradition.
A classic Halloween treat!

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All Hallows day!

Why were Halloween costumes invented?
The further you go back in time, the more spooky, creepy, and shocking Halloween costumes look.

The level of imagination surrounding Halloween has been sterilized since the days of yore.
Big-box stores provide us with gobs of choices and specialty boutiques are stocking the same kind of merchandise.

Perhaps Halloween held more significance to folks of yesteryear - when they made their own costumes.
It seems that, before the 1940s, Halloween was not family friendly party time.
Costumes expressed a genuine horror of the undead and strange entities that roam the earth in search of souls to eat.

There was a time when Halloween festivals were an effort to bridge the boundaries of reality and the netherworld.
To protect the soul from the season of afterlife.
Folks used to make costumes that echoed their fears - not pop culture icons.

All Hallows was a festival of disguises.
To go about incognito.
To mimic evil entities crossing into the physical realm.
To deceive them.  To trick them into thinking you were one of them.
To go unnoticed through the doors of purgatory as a radical entity rather than a fresh and juicy human spirit.
To carry on unmolested to your final place of rest.

Such is the origin of the Halloween Costume.
Certainly, when people invented thier own costumes from scratch and imagination, the results were surprising and outrageous!  Of course, the same holds true today, though most folks simply buy a nifty pre-made getup.
Still, the proliferation of hobby and craft outlets provide unlimited inspiration - and there are plenty of folks who uphold the tradition of unique ensemble for Halloween!   

A Halloween crossword puzzle - and fun spooky cartoons to color!

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Faceless zombies and ghastly ghouls!

What hideous facial features can you come up with to make them even scarier?

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B-movie Monsters!

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1955's  Day The World Ended!

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The legend of Jack-o'-lantern

The oldest tale about the Jack-o'-lantern is the Irish legend of Stingy Jack.

Mean, miserly, malicious trickster ,Jack ; the Devil's acquaintance.

Jack invited Mr. Devil to a drink.  But Jack had no intention of paying for a few saucy brews.
He persuaded the drunken devil to turn himself into a coin. 
Rather than passing the coin on to his servers, Jack walked out with the coin - in the same pocket as his holy crucifix.
The Devil was now trapped, in the form of a coin, lying aside a crucifix he could no longer shape-shift.

Imprisoned in Stingy Jack's pocket, Mr. Devil informed Jack that his soul was no better off by this trick.
Jack set Mr. Devil free in exchange for exile from Hell - but only for the remainder of the calender year.

How Stingy Jack became Jack-o'-lantern

By the year's end,Jack harbored a desire to extend the contract when the two met under an exotic tree with luscious fruit.

Jack told Mr. Devil that he was in poor health - so he could not climb the tree. 
When The Devil went up the tree for the fruit, Jack carved a crucifix into the tree trunk.
The Devil was Jack's hostage again.
Jack bargained that he would cut the tree down in exchange for The Devil's word on permanent exile from Hell.

Mr. Devil agreed and StingyJack died the very next day.
Heaven would not have him.
Nowhere to turn, but to Mr. Devil, who gave him a handful of burning coal and sent him back to Earth.
Jack was imprisoned in a forest, as ghosts often where in those days.

Jack put the burning coals in a hollowed out turnip.  A lantern, his only possession.
Stingy Jack's ghost became known as Jack of the Lantern.

Jack of the lantern would venture out of the woods and peer into windows, longing for a place to rest his soul.
Townsfolk carved frowny faces into their turnips and potatoes in hopes of warding off the Jack-o'-lantern.
Pumpkins have since become the de facto Jack-o'-lantern talisman.

The Halloween tradition of thwarting despicable spirits lives on.
Your Halloween household is not safe without a Jack-o'-lantern or two!

You can decide on Jack of the Lantern's ghastly expression!
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Imagine this creepy monkey kid coming to visit you!
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old world Halloween!

Early records claim Christians absorbed some Celtic practices in order to convert folks without war. Cultures would make peace treaties through religious constructs. Subjugating each other's faith, compromising in a stalemate - then, war anyway.

The war may end, but the mix of culture and religion is never erased.
All Hallows festivals changed from thwarting evil spirits to dawning spooky get-ups and extorting home owners of treats, threatening them with tricks if they don't give up the goods. 

Can you complete all of these wicked words?
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Trick or Treat!

Scotland, Poland, and Britain held tradition of Guising in the 1600s,
basically door-to-door costume plays in exchange for gifts or food.

The plays weren't all for amusement.  People were afraid of religious repercussions in the old world.
Religious saints were taken seriously and these plays were intended to exorcise the home of unwelcome spirits.

Here's another spooky word puzzle right out of our new
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Whether you (or somebody you know) likes to solve mixed up messages
or just color funny characters, this is a classic Halloween coloring page!

Halloween in the new world!

Around the 1940s the three part celebration of All Hallows Eve, All Hallows, and All Souls, was denounced by a Pope somewhere along the way. Favoring new Halloween rituals, All Hallows Eve was turned into Halloween.

Until recently, kids in Scotland and Ireland would spend the night asking townsfolk to "Help the Halloween Party!"
Around 1999, they added the famous American phrase "Trick or Treat!" to their Halloween Shenanigans.

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Candy Corn!

When the weather turns cool and the leaves start to fall, it is tradition to fill a saucer with Candy Corn. Set beside a small pumpkin, a dish of corns is the quintessential Autumn decoration.

This display is befitting 'til December - or 'til the pumpkin rots, whichever comes first. LOL!

The origins of Candy corn

Mellowcreme confections shaped like bite size, pumpkins, chestnuts, turnips, corncobs and clover leaves began in the1880s when candy companies cooked up corn syrup, carnauba wax and water.

Patent “The Best Butter Cream Corn”

Wunderle Candy company innovated the molding process to produce segmented colors.
It turned out to be a big hit!

They branded the tri-colored candy 'Chicken Feed' for ten years.
Chicken Feed wasn't sold for Holidays or spooky traditions, it was penny candy is all.

Jelly Belly Candy formerly known in 1898 as Goelitz Candy branded their version of the tri-colored treat 'Candy Corn'.

Many other companies have made similar products since then.

Trick or treating gained massive popularity in the late 1940s.

The Candy Corn was so conveniently packaged, it was the perfect hand out treat.
Candy Corn became a Halloween tradition.

The corns have surpassed candy status - becoming a decoration.

From Chicken Feed to Halloween Icon, Candy Corn! Candy Corn!

Many folks rate the famous mellowcreme treat "the worst tasting candy"!
But, hey - some folks don't even like Halloween!

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