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Holiday of renewal!

Easter is a multi-faceted holiday.  Perhaps more than any other, Easter means different things to different people.

Certainly the most popular meaning is in the mind of children, who see it simply as a celebration of color, candy and surprises!

German folklore seems to have given birth to the American tradition of the Easter Bunny with stories of an egg-laying Hare Rabbit, while painting eggs dates back centuries for any number of decorative purposes.

There are interesting similarities between the religious, seasonal and spiritual intentions of Easter festival.

Here in the Kingdom, Easter is all about coloring with bright crayons, pencils, markers and paint!
Our Easter Coloring Pages are sure to delight kids of all ages!

Jelly Beans are a favorite candy year round, but Easter somehow managed to marry the little confections with Easter Basket gift giving.  An Easter Basket without coloring books (or pages) is forgivable - but an Easter Basket without Jelly Beans is not a proper Easter Basket!

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