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Just how cute can a dinosaur coloring book be?
That is the eternal question this  book was made to answer.
Does it achieve the ultimate level of cuteness?

We think we got the “dinosaur”part right at least!

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Print at home - Dinosaur Coloring Book!

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Magnificent and mysterious beasts of the ancient realm!
The word dinosaur means 'Terrible Lizard'.  Though paleontologists no longer think of them as over-grown, frightening reptiles, Dinosaurs refuse to surrender their legendary status as prehistoric monsters!

DinoKids  are a different story.
They are cute, cuddly, younger versions of their vicious parents - with big, doughy eyes and smiles from ear to scaly ear!

Sure to delight the young and young at heart,
DinoKids just want to have fun!
They may eat a crayon every once in a while,
but who can blame them for that?

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A dinosaur coloring book for kids of all ages!

Yes, you've heard the old  'kids of all ages' line before - but we really mean it!
Who can resist these charming, cherubic prehistoric animals? Just look at their innocent little faces!

This little book of 12 delightful images will provide a whole afternoon of coloring pleasure for you
or that special someone who's wild about dinosaurs - and coloring books!


Did you know there's more to DinoKids than just coloring books?

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Happy Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have been depicted as cute and lovable for a long time, but this trend took a while to catch on.
There was a time when the average child didn't even know what a Dinosaur was.
As science became more popular with average citizens, Dinosaurs became famous.
The thing about Dinosaurs: most of them were BIG !
Museum displays were epic.  Dinosaurs were primordial monstrosities - and kids thought they were just dandy.
The bigger, the more frightening, the better.

Artists were happy to oblige, conjuring a nightmarish world of drooling, red-eyed dragons - but eventually,
the art community would make Dinosaurs fun and silly too.  Folks of all ages agreed. Cute Dinosaurs are also dandy!
100 years later, cute dinosaurs are yesterday's sliced bread.

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Back on the subject of Terrible Lizards, some of the scientists who pioneered great expeditions in search of dinosaurs were not so pleasant themselves.
Most infamously... 

old man marsh and young eddy cope!

The unfortunate tale of two fellows
who discovered many of the most
famous dinosaurs.

good times, good friends.

Othniel Charles Marsh, born 1831 in New York, was a simple farm boy interested in science.
His rich uncle helped him get into Phillips Academy. From there, he went on to Yale.
He traveled to Germany for more education, where he met a fellow whose name would forever follow his in the History of Natural Science. 

Edward Drinker Cope was born in Pennsylvania, 1840.
Nine years Marsh's junior, young Cope was on a parallel course with Marsh in the study of Natural Science, thanks to his own parents fostering his ambitions.
In 1863, young Cope 
went to Germany for more studies, where he met his elder, O.C. Marsh.

When they got back to America, both pursued paleontology with passion.
Paleontology is the study of fossils, the remains of creatures long gone, baby!

They got together often, sharing each other's studies and discoveries for years.
Young Cope found an ancient amphibian in 1867. He named it Ptyonius  marshii.
Old Marsh discovered a marine reptile specimen the following year. He named it Mosasaurus copeanus.

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A Friendship goes extinct

One day, after scouting a quarry together, Marsh found out young Cope made arrangements with the quarry master to keep all fossil discoveries for himself.

Old Marsh had his own connections and founded his own quarries.

When young Cope built (and published) a reconstruction of Elasmosaurus platyurus,
Old Marsh denounced it. Further, he got their mutual mentor's confirmation that it was wrong.
Young Cope mounted the animal's head on the end of its tail!
A most epic blunder.

By this time, Marsh and Cope were not on friendly terms - forget about working together!
Old Marsh employed spies to help him stay one step ahead of sneaky young Cope, referring to him as“Jones”.
Sabotage, swindle and slander influenced each of their tireless expeditions across America for prehistoric animals.

Battle of the behemoths

In 1877, young Cope bought The American Naturalist Journal and by 1880, he published over 70 papers on fascinating primordial creatures.

In 1882, Old Marsh's contributions to the fossil record earned him the title: Chief Paleontologist of the U.S. Geological Survey.  He used his influence to stifle Cope's access to federal funding and publishing opportunities.

Young Cope was quite the industrialist and continued his work, until 1885, when he fell on hard times over a failed mining operation.

In 1890, old Marsh tried to confiscate Cope's library of fossil specimens on behalf of the U.S. Government.
Young Cope proved most of his collection was acquired through his own financing, thus not federal property.

Fed up with old Marsh, Cope gave a freelance journalist the skinny on Marsh's history of misconduct.

A rousing article made headlines in The New York Herald, which resulted in a Congressional investigation of the U.S. Geological Survey over gross negligence.

The G.S. paleontology department was dismantled.  Old Marsh was out of a job, the subject of scandal, and had to give most of his fossil library to the Smithsonian Institute.

the rest is history...

Young Cope sold most of his collection to the American Museum of Natural History not long before he died in 1897.

Old Marsh lost most of his federally funded collection to the Smithsonian.
What remained in his name, he gave to the Peabody Museum of Natural History when he died in 1899.

If it's fun dinosaur books you're looking for,
you can't go wrong with this book of 12 cute dinosaur pictures to color!

Featuring these classic dinosaurs:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Diplodicus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Pteranodon
  • Allosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Stegosaurus
  • Brontosaurus
  • Struthiomimus

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World famous Dinosaurs!

Was there a victor in the famous feud between old man Marsh and young Eddy Cope?
Surely we are to let bygones be bygones.

While young Cope may have had the last laugh on old Marsh, it is Marsh who found more famous dinosaurs.

Funny that old Marsh's most famous dinosaur, Brontosaurus was later proven to be a skeleton of Apatosaurs - with the skull of young Cope's Camarasaurus!
Another blunder - or deliberate hoax? Who Knows...

Can you find the big Dinosaur names
in the letter jumbles?

Old Marsh's
Prehistoric Animals:

  • Pterodactyl
  • Triceratops
  • Stegosaurus
  • Ornithomimus
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Allosaurus
  • Diplodocus
  • Apatosaurus
  • Brontosaurus

Young Cope's
Prehistoric Animals:

  • Elasmosaurus
  • Dimetrodon
  • Edaphosaurus
  • Coelophysis
  • Monoclonius
  • Camarasaurus
  • Eobasileus

Dinosaurs are Prehistoric Animals - but not all Prehistoric Animals are Dinosaurs.

The Fossil Record is a fancy way of saying "the bones we've found".
There are a lot of bones out there.  Many strange animals have come and gone.
Dinosaurs are the most famous!

The DinoKids Coloring Book - 12 original illustrations of cute dinosaurs!

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