Coloring Books for Kids of all ages!

Everybody likes coloring books for kids of all ages and we've got em'!
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The CuteForKids coloring book is here!

What's that?
You've never heard of CuteForKids?

The CuteForKids Gang are the friendly animals
that await you in the royal petting-zoo!
These adorable animals will be delighted to adorn your choice of
traditional colors - or wild, imaginative patterns!

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But that's not all...

Journey back in time and color with the DinoKids!
Prehistoric playmates from the dawn of time await you!

Indeed, the DinoKids Coloring Book is not only  for kids,
but a person of any age who enjoys a jolly good coloring!

The DinoKids are the cutest Prehistoric Animals you've ever met!
They're waiting for you and your family to adopt them,
to embellish them with your very own choice of waxy pigment!

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Not only that...

We've got more Coloring Books for Kids of all ages!
Yes, even more! Feast your eyes on the mystical, magical...

luminary mandalas!

Yes, Luminary Mandalas make wonderful coloring books for kids!

But more importantly, Luminary Mandalas are just the thing for highly enlightened folks of every age!

Explore your inner peace with Luminary Mandala Coloring Books!

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Ready to go !

Cool Cars for the go-fast boys and girls!

Whatever your age, if you're into Cool Cars, this one will win you over!

The Cool Cars Coloring Book is a garage of 32 automobiles ready for customization!

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Funny King No Caption

Speaking of coloring books for kids of all ages...

Holiday coloring books!

Holiday fun only gets better when there are plenty of coloring books and crayons under foot!

But seriously, if you or someone you know wants coloring activities for the holidays, we've got you covered.
Visit our Holiday section for more details!

We are especially proud to bring you the Funny Leprechauns Coloring Book!
A fine St. Patrick's Day treat, no doubt -
but every bit as much fun 365 days a year!

17 oddly entertaining fairy-folk and some puzzles thrown in for good measure.

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We don't have an Easter Coloring Book!
But we've got the next best thing!
A whole bunch of Free Printable Downloads featuring bunnies,
fancy eggs, candies, little chickies, puzzles and word games!

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Ghosts and ghouls await the weary travelers
who seek refuge in haunted houses!

Our fun Halloween Coloring Book will enchant children of the night -
and full grown goblins as well!
Just the thing for spooky holiday fun and games!

It's the perfect party favor for your next Halloween bash!

Get all the details about our Happy Halloween Coloring Book!

Come back again! We're making coloring books for kids of all ages!

the wizard of coloring books

We make coloring books for kids and adults!

Coloring Books make great party favors!
Also perfect for down-time and just plain relaxing.

Coloring books are magical that way!

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Creativity for all!

Coloring books - or colouring-in books, as some like to call 'em, aren't just for kids!
Coloring fun pictures is a fine thing for folks of all ages!

Before crayons and colored pencils were sold at department stores everywhere, watercolour paint was the most accessible medium for hobbyists.

The earliest known coloring book, The “Little Folks” Painting Bookpublished in 1879, was popular with both kids and adults. Similar books followed until the manufacturing process of crayons improved and their popularity skyrocketed, paving the way for the coloring book as we know it today.

You can see The “Little Folks” Painting Book in its entirety at

These days, coloring books often include word puzzles, picture games, learning activities and stickers.
We plan to include these features in all our books as we build the jubilant world of!
Make no mistake - 'fun' is priority one - and fun is good for everybody!

We hope you enjoy your visit to The Kingdom!  We look forward to hosting your company again soon!

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coloring books for kids of all ages!

the royal knight of coloring books

Just want to make sure you know where to get
some fun coloring books!

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Just kidding!  It's us again!

We hope you enjoy our growing line-up of coloring books suitable for kids, adults, families and friends!

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Coloring is important for preschoolers

Do coloring books provide more than just fun for kids?

The answer is unequivocally, YES!

Here at King's Castle Coloring Books, we believe that coloring hasn't gone out of style in our fast-paced modern times.
It's still a staple of growing up that every kid has enjoyed.  If not doing it at home, coloring in school is still a
common learning practice.

Crayons and coloring books provide fun, even if you have a toddler who stays interested for only a few minutes.
Attention spans will be low for toddlers, but it's still an important activity for development, understanding,
and emergence of common sense.

It's such a simple task to keep them occupied, even if they just scribble all over.
That might be just the fun they are looking for. 

It is a perfect example of how classic, low-tech activities are still fun, engaging and educational.

Benefits of coloring for kids

  • Coloring does more than just keep your kids quiet while you make dinner.
    Such activities initiate physical and mental development
  •  Coloring facilities the application of tools to accomplish a task that requires
    hand-eye coordination
  •  Controlling crayons and staying in the lines is a confidence booster. Saving old coloring
    books can be a practical time line of accomplishment 
  • Crayons are a great way to practice color names
  • Encourages kids to slow down and focus on one specific task
  • Patience. It takes time to replicate what one sees in their head and apply it to a project
  • Promotes activity and is an intuitive way to work through issues that they don't quite have
    the vernacular to express 
  • Even if the picture is specific, the child controls the end result. Free creative thinking
    is important in the earliest stages of growth