Ease the day with Mandala coloring

Mandala coloring can be a tranquil respite of solitude - or a joyous collaboration with friends!

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Be a harvester.  Gather energy.  Illuminate your mandala coloring books.

You may find the wandering stars above reflecting the same energy!

Luminary Mandala Coloring
A new Art therapy?

Sometimes the smallest of things can alter a good mood.

  • Jolted out of peaceful sleep  
  • Spilled coffee first thing in the morning  
  • Burnt the cookies again
  • Exciting plans got cancelled out of the blue  

Even boredom can be frustrating.
Lingering in that frame of mind doesn't do much good.

The art therapy solution!

Let's talk about how we can ease the day.

Coloring mandalas can help shift your composure and your consciousness.
Your surroundings flow more freely after a creative session.
You may ask the luminaires for guidance as you bring color to your mandalas.
Like a game, card reading or Magic Eight Ball ... it's all in fun!

Girl knows everything coloring pages

Does all this sound like hogwash to you?

Fair enough.
Consider, however, that focusing on a harmonious,
tranquil expression can make a substantial difference
in the flow of ether.
The ether is your free energy.
Mandala coloring is like an illuminated path to ethereal energy!

Illuminate your mandala coloring book!

At King's Castle we call our mandala coloring books "Luminaries".
Expressing oneself through coloring is a beautiful way to show gratitude for the great consciousness of the realm.

Be a harvester.  Gather energy.  Illuminate a Luminary coloring book.

You may find the wandering stars above reflecting the same energy.

Free Samples, Right This Way!

you don't need a Special reason to color!

It's not always a hassle that compels one to relax.
Sometimes we just want a distraction during a long ride, an extended wait - or a well-deserved break from another activity.
Perhaps a simple feeling of accomplishment, just for the heck of it, is all you're after.

Any reason to hang out with the luminaries and the King of Coloring is fine and dandy!

You can download our Free Pages for a quick fix.
Or have luminary coloring books on hand.  They make great gifts for anyone, anytime!

Woman relaxing in bubble-bathe with the Luminary Mandalas coloring book

Remember that old advertisement "Calgon, take me away!"?

We've changed it up a little - "Luminaries, take me away!"

Luminary Mandala Coloring Books will soothe your soul like a warm bubble bath in a roomy tub!

What is a Mandala?

Mandalas are envisioned to start from a circular center and eventually turn into different shapes. They come in many forms, colors, and textures. Mandala translates to circle in Sanskrit.

The Idea is the encompassing shape of a mandala reflects the growing inner and outer spirituality of the individual.

They have been a ritual of the Buddha and Hindu religions dating back to the 4th century.  Many places have conjured the Mandala design.

  • Tibet
  • India
  • Nepal
  • China
  • japan
  • Bhutan
  • Indonesia

Legend has it, mandalas are the traveler's companion.  Mandala helps the voyager with meditation, patience, safety, and achieving oneness by way of focus on the journey at hand.

Mandala is an ancient teaching that needs no labels or justification. It only requires the willingness to allow energy flow.

Practicing your energy flow with Luminary coloring books is pleasant and effortless.

the wizard of coloring books

We make coloring books for kids and adults!

Coloring Books make great party favors!
Also perfect for down-time and just plain relaxing.

Coloring books are magical that way!

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What is the purpose
of  Mandala coloring?

That's the long and short of it.
But If you're interested in details:

  • Create a loop of energy that grows infinitely, like a circuit
  •  Transform the soul, imagining thy self in harmony and alignment
  •  Communicate with the consciousness of existence
  • Remind oneself that energy ebbs, flows, no material thing is permanent
  • Absolutely no reason at all - Just grab some crayons, pens, pencils or paints and have at it

Making and colouring mandalas might be called self help, art therapy or religious devotion. 

Honestly, though - some people aren't interested in spiritual mumbo jumbo and don't have time to read all this nonsense.

Perhaps you just came for fun coloring books or a convenient gift idea.
The King of Colouring is glad of your arrival - and you can't go wrong with Mandala Coloring!

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the colors of Mandala

Colors are intrinsically symbolic, but it's also about creativity and exploring what suits you.

Color is a magic ingredient, but there is no rule to follow.  It can be as easy as a singular hue on a car or as complicated as a multi-knit pattern.  It's all individual preference in the end. 

Let's look at the modern comprehension of color.
The meanings of colors have changed many times throughout history depending on what our society wants to advertise, market or peddle - LOL!

  • Black : Mystery, Individuality, deep thinking
  • White : Spirituality, Purity
  • Red : Passion, energy, strength
  • Orange : Intuition, discernment, introspection, transformation, and creativity
  • Yellow : Laughter, joy, happiness, content, wisdom and learning
  • Green : Natural, organic, fresh, mental stability and physical aptitude
  • Blue : Inner peace, meditation, emotional analysis
  • Purple : Spirituality is found in everything
  • Pink : Intuition and love

Interestingly enough, we have seven colors, seven chakras and seven wandering stars. Coincidence?
There is something spiritual about our realm that draws some folks to ask questions, seek answers, or manifest inner peace.

To boldly go where no man has gone before...

King's castle coloring books - a realm of imagination!

the royal knight of colouring books

Coloring books satisfy lazy afternoons and parties alike!
You can't go wrong with a good coloring book or two -
or three or four!

We make coloring books!
And this is our growing line-up of books
for kids of all  ages !

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what do mandala colors mean?

Color is an interesting topic.
Color is integral to the branding we experience all day, every day.
The colors of famous logos are not chosen willy-nilly.
Color consulting is big business for big business.

Just like sound, color is a frequency that can change one's mood or adjust perception.

As mandala is concerned, the colors will associate with the shapes, the avenues.
This culminates in a physical oscillation, sending a wavelength to the eyes and brain of the observer,
conveying a vibe thus affecting one's consciousness.

Who needs to know all of this?
Nobody!  Coloring is fun, and that's it!

Of course, it's helpful to the mind, body and spirit, just like any hobby.

Color palettes are not subject to rules. No need to fuss over the details.
Rather, let your energy flow.
Your decisions will form subconsciously - the very principle of relaxing and tuning out negative energies.  
Embellish your mandala design over and over until you're happy with the colors and energy!

We hope you're getting a kick out of all this spiritual pep!
His Magesty is enjoying your visit to The Kingdome!

The Story of Art Therapy

An artist over-analyzing his circumstance 

Adrian Hill, a British artist, came up with the term "Art Therapy" in 1942 because he was ill.
As an artist, he was inspired to put a label on the act of painting while in bed with the flu.

Never intended for medical fields or psycho analyses practices - just the babblings of an artist "over analyzing" how he felt about his condition and the relief art brought him.  A brilliant rumination.

So brilliant, in fact, within the year, psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health communities knew they could leverage the term "art therapy" for money.

Professors and college graduates wrote biased papers that turned art therapy into a diagnosis.

By misrepresenting certain disorders or cures and simulating statistics to persuade the outcome: "art therapy" should be attached to a condition.

In fact, a few folks chartered medical job security and scripted expensive clinical classes via government funding. They developed a diagnosis without a condition.

Art Therapy everywhere

Art Therapy is all around us.
Any hobby, be it sports, building, music, roller skating, illustration or coloring books;
hatever one pours their creative energy into is therapy for the soul.

Turning that into  a "medical diagnosis" is weird!

Life is simple. Not complicated.
Now, don't you find yourself wanting to indulge in some coloring fun!

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King's Castle Coloring Books is full of hodgepodge, goulash, mélange and pastiche.
Nothing in the Kingdom is ordinary.  In fact, reality doesn't exist.  Only imagination. 

Anything goes where the hills tumble and roll with bird, beast and flower. Dinosaurs roam and the petting zoo herds flock and congregate around the lakes of crystal water that keep everything healthy, wealthy, and young.

In the forest where it will be both spooky and enchanting, the creatures and creeps meander, hide and dodge the visitors, while the fairies, leprechauns, wayfarers and gypsies have a tendency to throw parties.
A stranger is but a friend in the depth of the wildwood.