Mandala coloring Books

Mandala coloring books are perfect for kids and adults alike!
There are no age limits for coloring pretty designs! 

our own brand of Mandala Coloring Books 

Here in the Kingdom, we call our mandala coloring books "Luminaries".
Self expression through coloring is a wonderful way to get in touch with the realm
and the great consciousness that surrounds us.

Our Luminary Mandala books are sure to delight kids of all ages.
Skill level is only a consideration if you think it so!
Have a look at the videos below to see each book for yourself.

Luminary Mandalas - Book one

Our very first Luminary Mandala Coloring Book!

Be a harvester.  Gather energy.
Illuminate a Luminary Mandala Coloring Book!
You'll be floating on air when your Luminaries arrive!

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luminary mandalas - Book two

We had so much fun making mandalas; we made a second book!

Alight upon a comfortable place.
Let flow your favorite cup.
Illuminate 13 unique mandala designs on your own time - or with friends and family!

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Luminary Mandalas - Book three

The third installment of our Mandala Coloring Books!
16 ethereal designs for your coloring pleasure.

For fun.  For relaxation.
Luminary Mandalas will lift your spirits and soothe your soul! 

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adult coloring parties

When ruminating about throwing parties for your fellow adult friends,
drinks and food are probably the first things that come to mind.
But have you considered coloring books as party favors?
Coloring books can be a fun treat for party attendees, be they kids or  adults!

Coloring book parties are a fun excuse to throw a get-together event any ol' time!
Of course, you can always serve those stiff beverages, delicious eats and maybe even some cosmic brownies -
that will really get those creative juices flowing!

The main thing is to ensure your guests have a good time.
Coloring books encourage social engagement while giving the more introverted types something to lean into
if they're feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Whether everyone chooses to color or not, matters little.  Coloring books are a delightful gesture at any gathering.
Just keep in mind that parties are meant to give everyone a chance to relax and unwind.
Keep it light.  Forcing guests to color won't feel like a party to them (they'll come around in no time).

Also remember to plan for coloring on flat surfaces.  Prepare some room for individual comfort.
Folks are going to want their crayons and   their drinks at arm's length.
Card tables or TV-tray tables will work nicely if your coffee table is too crowded.

You could be the trend setter among your friends by throwing the first coloring book party!
Good luck and have fun!

Free luminary mandala coloring pages

Enjoy these complimentary pages from our Luminary Mandala coloring books!

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luminary mandala coloring E-books

If you'd prefer to download our Mandala Coloring Books as Printable E-Books - here's your big chance!

Print at home - Luminary Mandala Book one

Mandala E-Book Preview

Print at home - Luminary Mandala Book two

Mandala E-Book Preview

Print at home - Luminary Mandala Book three

Mandala E-Book Preview

Free Luminary Mandalas

We hope you like these free samples from our Luminary Mandala Coloring Books!

We make other kinds of coloring books too!

Our coloring books are suitable for kids of all ages!
That means they're all family friendly (even if some of them are a bit strange)!

Each is also available as a Printable Download, if you like.
And there's plenty of Free Samples too!

Coloring books satisfy lazy afternoons and parties alike!
Aren't they amazing?

More about mandala coloring

Pattern Coloring Book for adults

Adult Coloring Can Actually Relax Your Brain !

Empty patterns of mandalas, animals and floral designs, adult coloring books are on shelves in just
about every big box retailer and a simple search on line will overwhelm you with choices.

Is there truly a benefit to coloring for adults?

Why does this simple act achieve contentment and tranquility?

According to clinical psychologists, it has everything to do with refocusing one's attention.

It distracts us from thinking about anything else except the task at hand and if the task at
hand is creativity, fun and simple, those emotions have a tendency to produce chemicals that induce peace.

A simple act, such as coloring, moves thoughts to the present and nullifies subjective worrying about the
future or of things that haven't happened yet or may never happen, 
yielding thoughts of fear-mongering, dread, bad news and future disaster is good for you!
Your brain will literally relax.

Color outside the lines!
The outcome of coloring isn't accountable or rigid.  It can be as neat or messy as you choose, and this is
one of its relaxing perks.  Even if you turn your coloring into an eyesore, there is no consequence.
Adult coloring can be a wonderful escape.  It certainly isn't a demanding test of capacities.

Art therapy has been used for many years with much success.

Researchers found that simple mindful art therapy for folks not feeling well helped to significantly
decrease the symptoms of physical and emotional distress during that time.
Art therapy has been helping people with other conditions, including depression, anxiety, addictions, and trauma.

Researchers have evaluated the effectiveness of coloring complex geometric design, like a mandala coloring book. 
The group of undergraduate students tested reduced their anxiety.  Many of them started using coloring books
regularly after the study was completed, claiming that, "coloring before a major test resulted in better grades
than before they had a relaxing exercise to engage in".

Having hobbies helps to lower your stress levels, unwind and re-center. Humans are always seeking new ways
to reduce tension, restore feelings of well-being, and reduce the toll that our stressful lives have on our health.

Try our mandala coloring books. 
No matter what age you are; we have something for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!