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Everybody loves Activity Book Pages!
Indeed, some of our books and free pages feature fun activities that test the boundaries of human intellect!

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Coloring Books make great party favors!
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more activity book pages

King's Castle Coloring Books is a brand new website.
Our goal is to be the big popular famous go-to source for coloring activity book pages and books.
So far, we've got some simple activity pages for kids, like mazes and tic-tac-toe.
We've also got word-searches and crossword puzzles for folks with more cognitive abilities.
Also, we provide drawing prompt activities - "finish the picture", "add to the picture" etc.

Have a look at all our Coloring Books - or go to our Free Stuff page!
Whichever path you choose, the Kingdom is full of fun activity book pages to draw on and color.
That's the stuff we like - and we hope you do too!

We're having a great time stocking King's Castle Coloring Books with the best activity book pages for kids of all ages!