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Welcome to our petting zoo!  Don't forget your Animal Coloring Books on the way out!

It's all in the name - CuteForKids!

These cute animals are intended to charm wild children, but we like to think they're appealing enough to bring out the kind-hearted kid in everyone!

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Animal coloring Books

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Panther needs your help

The CuteForKids Animal Coloring Book includes Puzzle Pictures like this!

It's a PDF file you can download and print anytime you like.

Help Panther find his way into the tree.
Then color it all with crayons or colored pencils!

There's plenty more Panthers - and other Big Cats in the CuteForKids Coloring Book.

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Big Cats to color

Big Cats have been revered by folks all over the world for centuries - and with good reason.  They're awesome!

Big Cats come in many sizes.
Some are only a little bigger than house cats, like ocelots and bobcats.
Some are a bit bigger, such as leopards, Jaguars and cheetahs.
Then there are the lions and tigers - tremendous and magnificent animals indeed!

Lions are unique in all the animal kingdom, as the male lion grows a huge head of hair and a big beard!

Tigers are the only Big Cat with stripes.  Most other big cats have spots or spotty patterned coats.

Lions and tigers are just about the same size.  BIG.

Cheetahs are much smaller than lions and tigers.
They are famous for running very fast, but most folks don't know that one of the reasons they can achieve such high speeds is because they have toenails like a dog. Their claws aren't very sharp and they cannot retract them the way other cats do.
But other cats can't peel out like cheetahs, because they don't have cheetah feet!

Behold the CuteForKids Coloring Book!

Animal coloring books are ideal for quiet afternoons.
They also make great party favors, no matter the occasion!

If there's anything better than a cute animal coloring book for one person - it's more than one cute animal coloring books for more people!

Order yours today!

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radical reptiles to color

Here's another Printable Download sample from
our CuteForKids Animal Coloring Book!

Chameleons are strange lizards that live in trees.
They have many unusual body-parts!
No joke! Their feet are unusual.  Their tails are unusual.  Their heads are unusual.
Their eyes are unusual.  Their tongue is unusual.  Their skin is unusual.
In fact, they are one of the few animals to have a “laterally compressed torso”.
That means their whole body is unusual!

Chameleons change colors in real-life - and that makes them just a little-bit more fun to color with crayons, pencils or paint!

Deep-sea denizens to color

Shark 01

Sharks are rough and tough and they like to bite things.
They come in many forms, but the most famous are the big-guys with their bad reputations.  

The Great White shark and its cousins are as famous for being beautiful
as they are for their bad manners.

The Sharks in the CuteForKids Coloring Book are all wonderfully behaved - and beautiful!

Sharks are kind of gray in real-life, but the CuteForKids sharks like to party!
Color them however you like!

Have you ever heard of a Dogfish?
It's a little shark!

Did you know stingrays are sharks?
Well, that's what they say.
There are certain scientific technicalities that define a shark -
and stingrays check all the boxes.

As for the most famous Sharks, they don't have normal skeletons.
They're made of cartilage - which means they're rather like a rubber-tire.
Sharks only have two real bones. Upper Jaw and Lower.
And sharp teeth grow out of those two bones!

Here's a Free Coloring Page featuring Dogfish, Stingray and Shark!

Prehistoric pals to color

Dinosaur Group 001

The CuteForKids Coloring Book includes a blast from the past featuring these adorable dinosaurs!

Anybody who likes animals will have a hard time resisting these cherubic, child-like versions of
Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Brontosaurus!

You'll also find these famously unusual creatures from another time in the CuteForKids Animal Coloring Activity Book!
Have yourself a jolly time coloring Woolly Mammoth, Saber-tooth Tiger, Megatherium, and Glyptodon!

Now is your big chance to color all the fun animals in the
CuteForKids Coloring Book!

Kids like cute animals, but then, who doesn't?
Young and old alike can enjoy coloring the adorable
wild animals found in the CuteForKids Coloring Book!

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