Funny Leprechauns
Coloring Book!

Somewhere, at the rainbow's end, Funny Leprechauns puff pipes, chortle and snort!

The funniest leprechauns you ever had the fine fortune to feast your eyeballs on!

There's never been a collection of frolicsome fairy-folk quite like this
- and there never will  be!

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17 leprechaun characters with puzzles and games.
There's something for everybody in this fun coloring activity book!

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Funny Leprechauns
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What do leprechauns
have to do with St. Patrick's day?

dancing leprechaunsDo you recognize these famous funny "leprechauns"?

The word leprechaun likely comes from the word "leathbhrogan" or "shoemaker".

Leprechauns are said to be impish, fairy-like creatures, exclusively of the male persuasion, with grouchy dispositions and a penchant for snooping on humans, causing mischief and general naughtiness before retreating to their enchanted realm in the forest.

If you catch a pesky leprechaun, you may be in good fortune - provided you can best him in a battle of wits over his fabled pot of gold. To date, though, no leprechaun has led a living soul to rainbow's end, where the bounty supposedly rests.

When they aren't accosting human-folk, leprechauns busy themselves by making and repairing footwear
for the various denizens of the hob-goblin territories.
They earn a good living and hide their reward at the foot of a rainbow where no one can find it.

You've found it!
The Craziest Leprechaun Coloring Book!

Funny Leprechauns - chock full of strange and hilarious leprechauns for your coloring pleasure!

This St. Patrick's Day Coloring Book will liven up your St. Patrick's Day celebration - or any jolly occasion - so go right ahead and order one or more today!

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Funny Leprechauns!