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Welcome to our What's New Page! 

We hope you are enjoying your visit to Kings Castle Coloring Books.
We'd like to take this moment to thank you for supporting our venture.

Now on to the latest news about our jolly coloring books, pages and activities! 

halloween pictures to color!

We had a big Halloween party in the Kingdom!
And what a coincidence, there were plenty of
Happy Halloween Coloring Books to go around!

The spooky season has passed, but keep in mind,
Our Halloween Coloring Book is the perfect party favor for your next Halloween bash - or anytime you're in the mood for
funny monsters and games!

Buy Now - 6 Bucks

The easter Bunny is here!

April Showers Bring May Flowers -
and Bunnies and Chickies and Fancy Colored Eggs!

Get your´╗┐ Free Easter Bunny´╗┐ coloring activity page right here!
Just download and print as many as you like!


Colored Eggs and Candy.  That's what Easter is all about!

LOL - Some folks think so!

Get your Free Easter Eggs and Candy coloring page right here!
Just download and print as many as you like!

Continue scrolling for more free holiday coloring pictures!

easter bunny

Find more Easter Coloring Pages with Puzzles - Right Here!

Leprechauns are here and there, 
always on the lookout for a good time and a stout grog!
Why don't you host your own leprechaun party!
We've got just the right party favor for such an occasion!

There's never been a collection of frolicsome fairy-folk quite like this - and there never will  be!
The Funny Leprechauns Coloring Book!

Includes 17 leprechaun characters with puzzles and games.
There's something for everybody in this fun coloring activity book!

Buy Now - 6 Bucks
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See the whole book Right Here!

Here at King's Castle Coloring Books, we're always drawing new pictures and patterns for you and your family to color!

In case you hadn't noticed, all three of the above pages are Free Printable Downloads.  We hope you like 'em! 

Green Toy Robot - facing right

Hello, Folks!

My name is Cute Little Robot!
I just wanted to remind everyone that we have a nifty option for those of you
who don't want to order books and wait for them to arrive in the mail.

Head on over to our E-Book  site
where you can see all the Full Printable Downloads we offer on one page!

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extraextraRead All About It!
the latest pictures to color...

Announcement kid

Get the lowdown on new pictures to color
and fun activities to stimulate your brain-cells!

Brand New!
The COOL CARS coloring Book!

Our very first Cool Cars Coloring Book is available NOW!

The wait is over!  Now you can customize your own 
muscle cars, pick-up trucks and racing competitors!

Buy Now - 6 Bucks

Get to the starting line with this Free Printable Download!

We've got plenty of pictures to color throughout the site.
Just click, download, and print as many as you like!

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  • Get Free Happy Halloween Coloring Pages

Whether you enjoy crossword puzzles or just like to color funny cartoon characters, this Free Printable Download is just the thing!  Enjoy!

Head on over to our Free Halloween section for more fun activity pictures to color!

Stop by our Halloween Coloring Book section to read all about Halloween
and, of course, purchase your very own Halloween Coloring Book!

Weird, Creepy Fun Houses!

Are you prepared for a journey into madness?

fun house

We've come up with another fun idea!

We're going to make a whole book of weird, creepy fun house pictures for you to color!

Updates Coming Soon!
(fingers crossed!)

fun house

new monster pictures to color!

One of the new books we're making is called B-Movie Monsters!

A coloring book of the most infamous monsters of the1950s!
It's going to be a doozie if things go well! (We'll keep you posted, of course).

In the meantime, sink your crayons or pencils into this monster!
This is the hideous mutant creature that lurks among the ruins of atomic fallout in
1955's  Day The World Ended!

This is a Free picture to color - just for you
(or a monster-loving pal you happen to know)!

Take a look at the making of  The B-Movie Monsters Coloring Activity Book! 

We make pictures to color!

monster sketches

Here's a behind-the-scenes peek - a page of quick sketches.
These are just some of the B-Movie Monsters you'll be able to color!

The B-Movie Monster Coloring Book will make a great Halloween gift!
See the book in progress Right Here!

In the meantime, have a look at our other Free Halloween Pictures to Color!


Here' s the latest picture for the B-Movie Monsters Coloring Book.

The strange and frightening visitor featured in
1953's It Came From Outer Space!

Read fun facts about B-Monsters of the 1950s -
and keep up with the making of the B-Movie Monsters Coloring Book!

the royal knight of coloring books

And Now... here's a word from our sponsor!

Just kidding!  It's us again!

We hope you enjoy our growing line-up of coloring books suitable for kids, adults, families and friends!

Free Samples, Right This Way!

more news is on the way... stay tuned!

We really like making fun pictures to color and we really like to give them away!
So be sure to come back for more!

always something new at King's Castle