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Who can resist free coloring pages for kids of all ages?

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We use the phrase “kids of all ages”a lot around here - and there's a very good reason for that.
There is no age barrier to coloring activity books and pages!

There's no harm in giving toddlers complex mandala designs and some crayons.
They're more likely to scribble away with reckless abandon than worry if the designs are beyond their skill level.
And while it might be unusual for a 50 year old man to color pictures of cartoon bunnies, there's no great tragedy in such things, we assure you!

Coloring and drawing is  for kids of all ages.
If you prefer “Adult ”coloring, you can choose only our most intricate, sophisticated designs - and just don't tell anybody they're meant for kids of all ages.  It will be our little secret.

cool cars coloring pageCustomize Cool Cars

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We hope you enjoy perusing our free coloring pages for kids of all ages.
King's Castle doesn't purchase coloring pages or books and then sell them to you.
We make them from scratch!  You simply won't find these illustrations anywhere else.

We hope finding one-of-a-kind coloring books and pages makes you feel as good as it makes us feel to dream them up!

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Yes, coloring is a pleasant way to spend time alone or with friends and family!  You can't go wrong with coloring books (or Free Coloring Pages)!

We hope you like our growing line-up of coloring books for kids of all ages!

Coloring books satisfy lazy afternoons and parties alike!
Any occasion is good for coloring books!

history of color

Deciphering Aristotle's gift from god is a bit of a stretch for a coloring book site.

He claims god displayed all things as black and white to him. Aristotle contemplated a theory about the event.

The celestial spectrum is cast from heaven onto the realm. The optics of the eye was designed to translate this scope.
This projection, reveals the four most basic elements of our realm, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Brown, Blue, Red and Yellow, are directly associated with the four elements of the realm. Any other colors that can be imagined will be mixed parts of these base colors. 

Aristotle's philosophy could be interpreted this way.
The same esthetic goes for the base elements in our realm, Earth, Fire , Water and Air.
Anything that can be imagined can be built with amalgamation of the four base physical elements.

For instance, if there was no spectrum of color there would be no water because the observer could not interpret the base elements that make up the color blue.

when was color discovered

LOL! That's a good one , it can't be answered.

Think of color. It's abstract, right?

Was the first thing you thought of a color wheel?

Issac Newton in 1672 published knowledge from older writings about visible spectrums. Reproduced the experiments then published the work. Claims are that he introduced the world to the color wheel.

Another guy came along, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 
He wanted to argue with Issac about color . In Johann's eyes, it was preposterous, Newtons idea that darkness is just an absents of light. Folks accused Johann of being an opponent of science. Johann only wanted to express the thought that nothing is required to study color. Just look around, the knowledge is right before your eyes.

It is with Johann mid 1800s that we have his opinion of colors matching moods and some psychological study on how colors effect such. Johann wasn't a scientist he took a holistic approach. Modern color wheels haven't changed much from the one he created.

What has changed is the addition of teaching chroma and color value. Our modern terms are saturation and brightness value, respectively. This aided the 3-D color space simulating the three axis Y X and Z. But, this has nothing to do with coloring books or free coloring pages for kids.

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