Pattern Coloring Book For Adults

Book one

We've got more than one wonderful mandala pattern coloring book for adults!

This is our very first Luminary Mandala Book!

12 unique Mandala Patterns for adults to color!

Play the video and see the book!

Mandala Pattern coloring book for adults
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Coloring books for adults are very popular!
When you color a beautiful pattern coloring book, you improve your cognitive skills.
By giving undivided attention to a creative activity, your brain becomes very active.
Choosing and combining colors to  create something unique encourages a healthy detachment from oneself.
Focusing on creativity is like meditation in many ways.
You will drift to other realms as you follow the patterns and fill them with color.

Coloring is a lot like listening to music - and of course, listening to music while coloring is a wonderful idea!
Music can be a very personal experience, but we often associate music with parties and social gatherings.
Coloring books are, in fact, quite similar to music in this way!
Introduce some coloring books and crayons or colored pencils at your next get-together -
and don't be surprised if some of your friends and family have a great time with them!

Mandala Pattern Coloring book for adults
Book 2

The second edition - Luminary Mandala Book!
We hope you enjoy 13 Mandala Patterns for adult coloring.

This video shows the whole book!

Mandala Pattern coloring book two
full printable download

Fixing your vision on creativity like pattern coloring book for adults can unwind your busy thoughts and
bring you to a spiritual place where there are fewer worries. You can go outside the lines and use ugly colors if you want.
There are no rules here.  If you want to express some frustration, you are welcome to.
Coloring patterns is not an assignment, and it certainly doesn't have to be done "correctly"!
Choose your least favorite pattern and make it even uglier!  When you move on to the more appealing patterns,
you'll find even greater pleasure in "illuminating" them with attractive colors.

When you are in the moment, there is less worry about the future.  Coloring patterns and other designs can help
bring the moment into focus and ease the day.
Cognitive skills are enhanced by activities like coloring, doodling and puzzle solving.
Try coloring before turning in at night and see if you sleep more soundly.

There are actual studies that show coloring reduces stress and anxiety.
Frankly, we hope you don't need to reduce stress and anxiety.  We hope you just enjoy coloring, doodling and
puzzle solving!  There's plenty of proof that these things are just plain fun - whether you do it privately or with
friends and family!

We hope you like our mandala pattern coloring books for adults!
Collect all three!

Mandala Pattern Book three

Newest Luminary Mandala Book!
16 Brand New Mandala Patterns for adult coloring.

Press play to see the book!

Mandala Pattern coloring book three
Full printable Download

We here at King's Castle Coloring Books are dedicated to fun, happiness, joy, and other wonderful sensations!
We hope these mandala pattern coloring books for adults are just the thing to brighten your day or liven up your
next party!

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Luminary Mandala patterns

Our Luminary Mandala Books and mandala pattern books are suitable for everyone!
Just because a pattern is complex doesn't mean a young child can't enjoy it!  Never underestimate the mind of children!
"Coloring for adults" has become a popular phrase, but it's most commonly used only to filter out cute, harmless content
aimed at youngsters.  Those same youngsters are not necessarily as discerning.
Generally, they don't turn up their noses at coloring pictures and patterns that don't patronize their "simple" minds.

While our mandala pattern coloring books may not be ideal for small children, we sure hope you'll think of our books
as stimulating coloring activities for people of all ages. We certainly didn't design pattern coloring books strictly for adults!

Benefits of the Mandala 

Coloring mandala is an affectionate and speculative art for the inner self.

Mandals have been a basic form of art before modern civilisation and are just as popular today.

Regarded as sacred symbolism used to facilitate meditation.  

The ultimate aim of the mandala is to stimulate placidity, reflection, observation, and unification of spirit.

Circular Harmony

The chosen colors of your mandala help keep one's spirit tidy.

Mandala coloring is benevolent for the young, the old, male, or female, rich or flat broke. 

Coloring mandala helps strengthen visual stimulation, helps improve creativity and imagination.

Working with your mandala may help you find guidance over emotional muddle when toilsome decisions arise. 

Concentration and attention span

You probably won't make it to the end of this paragraph, LOL!

The ease with which we can access information is negatively and persistently impacting our capacity to learn,
understand and embrace ourselves.

Inturn this affects our interaction with others.  One benefit of the mandala is
strengthening patience

Pattern coloring books for adults can help reset a short attention span.

The act of finishing a coloring picture, sitting quietly alone with your own imagination, emotions,
thoughts and questions are an important skill that has been eliminated in favor of constantly being busy for no reason. 

This attitude invariably pushes the blood pressure up because you're in a cycle of stress.
Believing unfairly that being bored is a bad thing.

Stillness, tranquility, nothingness and inactivity is a lost art.

Let the world around you just be for a while.  Enhancing your attention span and focus is good for you!

Developing Coordination 

Your nervous system is your body's command center and guides almost everything you do.

It controls complicated processes, originating from your brain.

We can enhance automatic responses through practicing art.

Coloring helps one's peripheral nervous system dynamically engage with input from the world around you. 

  • Thoughts:  learning, emotions
  • Memory:  retaining, recalling
  • Movement:  balance, coordination, strength
  • Inputs:  sight, sound, taste, touch, smell
  • Homeostasis response:  sadness, happiness, fear, anger, surprise, disgust, stress

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