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Before we tell you all about our wonderful Cute Animals Coloring Book,
we'd like you to have some free coloring pages  - right out of our exclusive
Cute Animals Coloring Book!

Panthers like climbing trees.
You can help the Panther get into the tree and give him
some fun colors too!

This is a Free Printable Download!
Click, Print and Color any time you like!

Here's another Cute Animals Printable Download!

Chameleons are weird animals - but everybody loves them!
They change color in real-life - so you can't go wrong however you choose to color them!

Print these radical reptiles as many times as you like!

This Free Printable Download coloring page features
very different animals that are actually related to each other!

DinoKids are a happy bunch of Dinosaurs - and this is a Free Coloring Page!

DinoKids stomped all over the Earth millions of years ago.
Travel back in time to visit them - and don't forget your crayons!

CuteForKids Coloring Book!

22 fun coloring pages of cute animals
and puzzles for youngers!

These fun animals will charm kids of all ages.
The CuteForKids book makes a great party favor.
It's got Big Cats, Chameleons, Sharks and Dinosaurs!

What's that? You're not planning a party?
No problemn.  All the animals promise to behave and
sit quietly for a relaxing afternoon of coloring one
page at a time.

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A wonderful book of coloring pages

Cute Animals!

coloring Pages
Cute animals

CuteForKids E-Book Preview

Would you like to collect all the cute animal coloring pages with the click of a button or two?  Here's your big chance!

You can print and color each one as many times as you like
as soon as you place your order.  Oh, joy!

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chameleons are fun animals to color!

Chameleons change their colors depending on their mood - you can show how your chameleons feel with color!

Chameleons have big, funny eyes!
They can look at two things at once.

The Chameleon is famous for its long, sticky tongue which it grabs bugs with like a whip!

They have four cute little feet that help them climb trees.  A curly tail serves a helping hand when they need it.

Some Chameleons have spikes and horns on their head.

If you want coloring pages cute animals, Chameleons are tops!

There are six Chameleons in our CuteForKids Coloring Activity Book!

Coloring Pages Cute Animals

Chameleons are lizards. There are over 200 kinds of chameleons. They have bright colors and they change colors to communicate with each other.  Some chameleons only change their brightness, while others can go from one color to another.

coloring Pages cute animals

CuteForKids Coloring Book!

22 fun pictures of animals for folks of all ages to color
and puzzle activities for youngsters
(they are very simple puzzles)!

These cute animals are intended to charm wild children, but we like to think they're appealing enough to bring out the kind-hearted kid in everyone!

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There's more to CuteForKids than just the Animal Coloring Book!

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Denizens of the deep!

a shark animal to color

Sharks are frightening animals.  At least Panthers and Chameleons look like they're smiling sometimes!
Most fish have a sort of dumb look in their eye, but Sharks are always sizing you up, it seems.

Real-life sharks don't smile, but CuteForKids Sharks are downright friendly looking!
That's the power of illustration for you!

There are four sharks to color in the CuteForKids Coloring Book!

Sharks can be fun to color, especially if you use your imagination!
Generally, Sharks are not very flamboyant.
Gray will do the job - and if that's your jam, go for it, but these Shark kids won't mind the psychedelic treatment!

Scientists say Sharks have been swimming in the oceans of our world since the time of the dinosaurs.

Their most unusual feature is their skeleton, made almost entirely of cartilage.
Sharks have two bones. An upper jaw and a lower jaw... and you know about those jaws!
Sharks are famous for trying to eat everybody in the sea!

Most sharks have vicious teeth, like steak knives, for ripping flesh.
Sharks lose their teeth often and always have a new row of teeth growing in reserve.

Some sharks have blunted teeth for cracking crab shells and mollusks.
Then there are sharks that eat plankton. They have little, itty-bitty teeth, not very useful for anything.

Big sharks can swim very fast because of their shape and powerful muscles.
A big shark is lighter than it looks with a skeleton made of cartilage rather than solid bone.

Sharks generally have eight fins and they cannot swim backwards like most other fish.

Sharks have very tough skin, like tiny little teeth. Rubbing against a shark can result in cuts and bruises!

Some big sharks can't pump water through their gills and must swim constantly to filter oxygen from the water. They can only rest for a few minutes at a time.

One of the sharks most famous features is its dorsal fin, which pokes out of the water like a warning flag to us people. They don't do this on purpose. It's just that they have that fin on their back and if they think something interesting is going on at the water's surface, we can see it. 

dogfish and string ray

Sharks come in many forms, not all of them notorious killers.
Ever heard of a Dog Fish?  It's a little Shark!

The beautiful Ray Fish (Stingrays, Manta Rays) are Sharks. It's true!

CuteForKids Coloring Book

Here Come The Big Cats - on the cover of this book full of cute animals!

22 pictures of fun animals to color - and puzzles too!

Coloring books like this make great party favors, no matter the occasion!

The CuteForKids animals also like to settle down on quiet, rainy days for more mature  coloring enthusiasts!

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Prehistoric animals!

prehistoric animals

Do these cute animals look familiar to you?

Surely you've heard of the Wooly Mammoth, the big fur elephant with tremendous tusks!
Good ol' Wooly was among the very last of the fuzzy elephants.
Mummified remains of Wooly Mammoth have orange-brown hair.  Scientists aren't sure if it was that color when it was alive.
You can color Wooly Mammoth however you like - it might be exactly right for all anyone knows!

The Saber-Toothed Cat is another prehistoric animal most folks know and love.
It's real name is Smilodon, which means "saber-tooth" - so either way you say it - it means the same thing.

Megatherium is a creature you may not know.  Its name means "big beast" and scientists say it was a kind of giant Sloth. Today's sloths are small enough to be carried around by zoo-keepers.
They like to hang out in trees and eat leaves.
Megatherium may have weighed up to 3,000 pounds and probably ate whole trees!

The tank-like Glyptodon has features like the modern Armadillo - but at a terrific scale!
Glyptodon may not have been very aggressive, but it had a huge mass of spikey bone on the end of its tail.
All the better to keep the peace!

These four prehistoric animals are in the CuteForKids Book of animals to color.

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More prehistoric animals!

Here is another Free Printable Download for you!

DinoKids are a happy gang of dinosaurs in the CuteForKids Coloring Book.

The CuteForKids Book is full of cute animals just waiting for you
and your family to color them with crayons, markers, or pencils!

t-rex dinosaur

King of the Dinosaurs - Junior!

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a name we all know.

This cute little Dinosaur is stomping about alongside a smoking volcano!
What a tough-guy!
You or somebody you love could be coloring this picture - if you only had the CuteForKids Coloring Activity Book!

brontosaurus dinosaurs

It's late in the day and the Brontosaurus Brothers are about to eat some trees.
Just a little snack.

Are they different colors or the same?  It's up to you!

stegosaurus dinosaur

Flashy Stegosaurus!

We don't really know why it was such a fancy animal.
But Stegosaurus sure makes for a fun picture to color!

triceratops dinosaurs

Here come the Triceratops Twins - and don't get in their way!

How many different colors do you think Triceratops should have!
They may have been able to change colors like Chameleons!

It's all up to you with the CuteForKids Coloring Activity Book!

That concludes our petting-zoo tour!
We hope you enjoyed the whole thing!

Don't hesitate to get your own CuteForKids Coloring Book full of pictures of animals to color!

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