Animal Coloring Pages
for kids of all ages!


Take One!

Help Panther climb the tree!


Chameleons are most unusual. That's why we like 'em so!

They change colors in real life so you can color them any which way you please!

Animal Coloring Pages
for kids of all ages

CuteForKids E-Book Preview

If you like our free animal coloring pages for kids,
maybe you'll enjoy this collection of cute animal coloring pages featuring Big Cats, Lizards, Sharks, and Prehistoric Creatures!

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Animal coloring pages - The book!

Do you like actual books full of cute animal coloring pages for kids of all ages?

We've got just the thing!

It's all in the name - CuteForKids!

These cute animals are intended to charm wild children, but we like to think they're appealing enough to bring out the kind-hearted kid in everyone!

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the king of coloring books

The King likes to talk fancy!
He just wants you to have a look at his latest coloring books!

King's Castle Coloring Books include geometric designs, weird cartoon characters, fun animals, cool cars, word games, mazes and puzzles!

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